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Bucherer | Suitable watches for a Classic Car Event

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Bucherer | Suitable watches for a Classic Car Event

If you are a fan of classic cars or simply looking for an unforgettable winter adventure, be sure to add THE ICE St. Moritz to your bucket list. Watching rare classic cars race on a frozen lake is a truly unique experience. After participating two times already we know that wearing the right watch to this world-class gathering truly elevates the experience. Hence we teamed up with Bucherer Certified Pre-Owned to offer you some inspiration for next year's edition. Let's have a closer look!

Artworth The Ice St. Moritz

Event Preparations

The night before the event check-in at the IN LAIN Hotel Cadonau. It is the smallest 5-star superior hotel in Switzerland and is only a 30 minute drive away St. Moritz, which can get pretty croweded when events take place in town. Here we spend a wonderful evening enjoying some incredible food prepared by Michelin-star Chef Dario Cadonau. During the dinner we get the chance to talk watches.

One definitely wants to wear a chronograph during a classic car event. And one of the first chronographs coming to mind is of course the iconic Zenith El Primero. The movement is so precise and proven that is was used by many other brands back in the days. One of them was, you guessed it, Rolex! Their beloved Daytona was outfitted with the reliable El Primero movement during the years 1988 to 2000.

Another brand known for its chronograph watches is IWC. Although their Pilot's Watch was developed for aviation, it is often associated with racing as well. The brand certainly embraces that and is proud of its involvement in Formula One.

Attending THE ICE St. Moritz

The next morning, we finally step on the frozen Lake St. Moritz. An unbelievable amount of extremely rare cars can be admired during THE ICE. The fact that the owners of these gems drive the cars on snow and ice is just mind blowing!

Since it can get freezing cold on the lake, many of the spectators wear a thick coat or winter jacket. But no outfit is complete without an appropriate timepiece. One model we can certainly recommend is the Omega Speedmaster. The Racing edition is particularly suitable of course. Did you know that while the Speedy was the watch first worn on the moon, it was originally designed for racing?

Two more models underline the Speedy's racing heritage. One of them is the Omega Speedmaster Racing with a beautiful red dial and yellow second hand. Dubbed "Michael Schumacher" it pays tribute to the Ferrari which the German icon famously drove during his successful Formular One career.

Another fun model is the Omega Speedmaster Tintin. Although the red and white checkered minute track reminds one of a race course, it was originally meant to be a nod to the Tintin's adventure in the "Explorers on the Moon" comics.

A more unconventional yet maybe classier choice is the TAG Heuer Monaco. Its history is closely linked to racing. Hollywood actor Steve McQueen famously wore it in the movie "Le Mans". It is certainly a timepiece that belongs in every car enthusiast's watch collection.

Artworth Bucherer Certified Pre-Owned The Ice St. Moritz Tag Heuer Monaco

A more contemporary choice would be the Audemars Piguet Offshore. First released in 1993, it was launched at a time where bigger and bulkier watches really spoke to a younger generation. Even today, it is beloved among people who associate themselves with a more active lifestyle.

No matter which watch you choose, you will be sure to have a great time at THE ICE St. Moritz or any other classic car event!

Bucherer Certified Pre-Owned

Bucherer is at the heart of a new movement: pre-owned luxury! Certified Pre-Owned watches are authenticated by experts and worn by connoisseurs. Bucherer puts the opportunity to own a classic watch within reach and whether you’re buying for keeps or looking to trade, they offer a constantly evolving roster of high-demand pieces to explore. As described in this article, every pre-owned watch comes with a story. What comes next is up to you!

The ICE St. Moritz

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