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Longines | New Flagship Boutique in Genève

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Longines | New Flagship Boutique in Genève

Longines has just opened their new flagship boutique on the iconic Rue du Rhône in Geneva. For the first time, there is a space dedicated to professionally restored and certified vintage Longines timepieces. Let's explore it together!

A fresh start in Genève

We walk from the train station down to the beautiful Rhône River and cross it. Soon we arrive at the corner of Rue du Rhône and Place de Fusterie. Here, the new flagship boutique of the brand with the winged hourglass is located. A carefully curated selection of Longines timepieces can already be admired through the large windows of the boutique. Its different displays honor the brand's different collections. When entering, we dive into the universe of the brand. A refined and sophisticated interior design awaits us. The mix of materials and colors is very well executed. It ranges from wood to elegant marble.

In terms of watch models, the boutique offers a great selection of many timepieces from all the current collections. They are beautifully presented between accessories and decorations linked to Longines' rich history. Shopping here is a true experience!

The Longines Collector's Corner

Since we are very fond of the history of the brand, we love to discover the new "Collector's Corner". It is the first time that Longines has dedicated space in boutique to vintage timepieces. The ones on display are carefully curated. Most are from the collectible eras of the 1950s and 1960s. They come with in-house manufacture movements and were serviced by the brand's skilled watchmakers in St Imier.

We are very pleased to see Longines embracing its rich history with their involvement in aviation, adventure, and equestrian sports. Since there are many Longines enthusiasts and collectors, the new boutique is bound to be the place for like-minded people to meet and share their passion about the watches from the brand with the winged hourglass.

We leave the boutique with the desire to get a new timepiece. But should it be one of the new models like The Longines Spirit or a beautifully restored vintage timepiece? There is still time to decide. In the meantime, have a look at this article if you want to learn more about Longines.

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