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Switzerland is an extraordinary country with world-class hotels in leading tourism destination. But is there a lesser-known area with a hotel that can deliver the highest level of hospitality excellence? We have found it in an unexpected place, nestled away high up in the Swiss Alps. Let us tell you more about it!

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Arriving at The Chedi Andermatt

Our journey takes us first along the majestic Lake Lucerne and then high up into the mountains. We come to realize that today’s modern, winding roads are a luxury. Back in the 13th century, when people first started to pass through this region in Central Switzerland, this journey was long, exhausting and even dangerous. Today, the iconic Devil’s Bridge across the wild Schöllenen Gorge just below Andermatt reminds one of these adventurous times.

Just a couple minutes after passing the spectacular bridge, we arrive in the mountain village of Andermatt. Here, we check in at The Chedi Andermatt. Opened in December 2013, it is a modern five-star deluxe hotel that embodies an authentic yet unusual liaison of Alpine chic and Asian expression. 123 spacious, elegant rooms and suites await guests coming here from all over the world. Over 200 dedicated employees ensure that guests are taken care of in the most professional yet familiar way possible.

Upon entering The Chedi, guests dive into an Alpine / Asian world that will be hard to leave again when checking out. A modern interior design with dominant elements like dark wood, soft leather sofas and gentle colors creates a unique atmosphere that feels warm and cozy thanks to over 200 fireplaces scattered all over the hotel.

Another thing that immediately catches our eyes is the library concept. Wine, cigars and even cheese are not stowed away in a dark cellar but displayed proudly. The Chedi offers more than 1’000 different bottles of wine and has dedicated a distinct library for the carefully chosen bottles. That’s the way we like to choose our wine for dinner!

Diving into a timeless oasis

As we step into our room, we notice how spacious is it. All rooms at The Chedi are at least 52 square meters in size. Large picture windows invite guests to spend time looking out over the magical mountain landscape.

Luxurious bathrooms, inspired by Asian architecture, feature large bathtubs and wonderful natural stone floors. Separate rain showers entice guests to enjoy moments relaxation while being enveloped in the fine fragrance of The Chedi Andermatt, pampered with the top-flight products from Acqua di Parma.

While the bathrooms in the rooms are already close to a spa, The Chedi offers extensive wellness & health facilities. Here, we immerse ourselves in a world of calm and relaxation. The Chedi is regarded as one of the most attractive wellness hotels in Switzerland. Indeed, we are impressed you the generous 35-meter indoor and 12-meter outdoor pools as well as with the sauna area. There is even a authentic Tibetan Relaxation Lounge and a variety of Far Eastern treatments are offered to suit everyone’s personal needs.

During the months of May and June 2020, guests can enjoy a 20% discount on bookings during the week. Free access to the golf course is even included! If you are interested in this offer, then click here.

Sustainable gastronomy concept

The gastronomy at The Chedi Andermatt is extraordinary. Chosen by GaultMillau as Hotel of the Year 2017, its cuisine makes a clear statement. Five different exquisite offers are available to guests for them to indulge in the world of perfect taste. Also, a big focus is put on sustainability. Many ingredients are sourced locally. A big cheese humidor holds cheese sourced within a few kilometers in the Swiss Alps. Also, they have teamed up with a local farmer to breed local Wagyu beef. Amazing, right?

At The Restaurant, an innovative concept awaits guests. Here, we get to enjoy a variety of wonderful dishes prepared right in front of our eyes. Chefs prepare both Asian and European dishes in a total of four open kitchens. The menu is based on several dominant ingredients to choose from. Afterwards, the guest can decide if the dish should be prepared in a Western or Asian way. We enjoy this concept a lot!

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Besides The Restaurant, they also have something very special to offer: The Japanese Restaurant! With 1 Michelin Star and 16 GaultMillau points, it is one of the leading Asian restaurants in Switzerland. Top-flight authentic Japanese dishes are served here. Modern five- to ten-course Kaiseki menus ensure an unforgettable experience because they are on the lines of Western haute cuisine. Combining the taste, texture, form and colors of the foods at the highest level, you will find a perfect harmony here!

A sushi and sashimi bar can be found here as well. Plus an extraordinary choice of sake to discover all the facets of the culinary world of Japan. In fact, The Japanese Restaurant has the most extensive sake selection in Switzerland with its own dedicated sake sommelier!

Guests continue to be amazed when heading over to The Bar. A sustainable concept with biodegradable straws and creative ways to minimize food waste was implemented here. For example, syrup is made from leftover champagne or shrub is made from fruits for delicious cocktails. This mindset has led the barmen and -women to develop a very innovative and creative mindset. They serve cocktails with a wide variety of spirits and ingredients. For some, even old cigars are used to create smoky flavors!

Besides cocktails, the bar offers an incredible selection of whisky. Scotch, Bourbon, local gems and Japanese whisky can be ordered her. They also stock some extremely rare bottles. For example a Nikka from the Barrel. Definitely one of our favorites at The Chedi Andermatt.

Experience The Chedi Style in the Cigar Library

By now we have had a delicious multi-course dinner, we enjoyed an amazing cocktail at the bar and are ready for another treat before going to bed. So we head over to The Cigar Library for the last highlight of the day. Here, we get to browse through the largest selection of cigars of any Swiss hotel.

Competent and passionate staff assist us in finding the right cigars. The help is much appreciated because it can get quite complicated to navigate through the impressive collection of 400 different cigars from the most exotic corners of the earth. They are all stored well-visible in a stylish walk-in Humidor. It holds hard-to-find rarities and special editions from 15 countries including Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba and Dominican Republic. Cigar enthusiasts will be delighted to hear, that the hotel offers most cigars at normal retail prices. Here, guests are invited to dive into the fascinating world of cigars and to discover new treasures!

Upon request, Marie Gerber, hostess of The Cigar Library, will do a signature cigar pairing with guests. We couldn’t resist the temptation and signed up. Because we are whisky-lovers, Marie prepared an extraordinary pairing with 2 cigars and 9 whiskies from Scotland, Japan and the US. We learned how different whiskies are recommended for every third of a cigar. It was truly inspiring to share experiences and views with Marie during this extensive and relaxing cigar pairing. We can definitely recommend this!

By the way, make sure to follow The Chedi Cigar Circle on Instagram in case you want to know more about the cigar culture at The Chedi Andermatt!

Paradise for car- & outdoor enthusiasts

After a good night sleep and a nice swim in the pool, it is time for breakfast. It gets served at The Restaurant. Here, guests can choose from many à la carte dishes such as Eggs Benedict and a big buffet. Platters with local charcuterie, cheese and other diary products let us enjoy an authentic Swiss breakfast – including Birchermüesli of course.

Now that we are full of energy, it is time to explore the mountainous surroundings of The Chedi. Since the holiday region of Andermatt is situated in the heart of the Swiss Alps, it is surrounded by eight breathtaking mountain passes. A journey over the passes is a wonderful experience in itself, but for those who make time for a few stops along those famous roads, a whole host of experiences awaits. You can explore diverse and varying landscapes. From lush, blooming meadows to green forests. From intimidating rock formations to towering stretches of mountains and glaciers. All that can be found up here!

For those who enjoy driving on winding mountain roads, The Chedi has prepared a Road Book with useful information. We definitely recommend checking out the historic Tremola road or the new pass road, the legendary Gotthard Pass, which connects the Ursern valley to the southern canton of Ticino.

Tremola | © Gerry Pacher

Another road we recommend for a gents drive is the Furka Pass. The region’s discovery as a travel paradise goes back to the 19th century. Even today, the numerous historic hotel buildings along the route remind of those times. A special treat awaits James Bond fans. Some scenes of the iconic movie Goldfinger with Sean Connery were filmed here! Can you tell a difference between him and us?

In case you are more into golf than cars, you will be fully satisfied at The Chedi as well. Their golf course`s outstanding offering has been recognized across the international golf scene: The World Golf Awards have voted it the Best Golf Course in Switzerland for three consecutive years. For 2020, The Chedi has even a special offering for golf enthusiasts. Check it out here!

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The scenic drive up and down the Furka Pass marks the end of our stay at The Chedi Andermatt. A wonderful and relaxing time comes to an end. We are happy to have discovered this gem high up in the Swiss Alps. In case you want to unwind Chedi Style too, click here and benefit from a 20% discount on your booking during the week until the end of June 2020.

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