Social Media Workshop

Congratulations, you are on the best way to become a social media wizard! In our social media marketing course, we reveal our secrets and show you best practices in a live three-hour online training.

Get to meet the founders of Artworth and benefit from our extensive knowledge and experience in content- and social media marketing. We teamed up with another digital marketing agency in Switzerland to provide you valuable agency insights and additional expertise in social media advertising in this course.
On the basis of our combined know-how as influencers and digital marketers, we put together a 70 page handbook that includes our signature 3 step guide to social media awesomeness. Our training and handbook will teach you:
– how to develop a content mindset and basics of content marketing
– how to generate awareness, leads and conversions with social advertising
– how to use our growth hacks to organically build an active social community

Now what are you waiting for? Sign up and build the foundation of your future social media success and even benefit from a USD 200 COVID-19 discount!

You can’t find a date that suits you? No problem. Just write us a message and we will try to arrange our future dates according to your schedule.



This is what our partners say about Artworth social media marketing:

Jaguar Land Rover Schweiz AG:
“Since early 2019, we have been working successfully with Artworth as our innovative and reliable partner in influencer marketing and content creation.”

The Chedi, Andermatt:
“We were really happy with the outcome of the collaboration with Artworth. We can highly recommend their content- and social media marketing services!”

“Artworth has supported us in multiplying our following on social media.”

The Dolder Grand:
“In influencer marketing, Artworth has excelled at sharing our story with their highly relevant audience while delivering a clear impact on our business activities.”

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Date & Language

15.01.2021 – 15.00 CET – English

3 reviews for Social Media Workshop

  1. Jared Ross

    An absolute pleasure to attend and highly informative! The Gentlemen know what they are talking about and have created a smooth program for those of any level of knowledge in this topic. I recommend this investment to anyone interested in social media efficiency!

  2. Sezer

    Very informative workshop by people who have real-world experience.
    This is perfect if you want to learn the ins and outs of social media, doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or expert, there’s a ton you can learn from these guys.
    Absolutely stunned by the eye for detail on the topics we went through. A lot of the things they talked about are very actionable and ready to implement.
    It’s not just what they teach, but also how they teach. They teach you the mindset and framework they’ve used to grow their socials, it’s not just a how-to guide.
    I would definitely recommend it if you want to learn about the social media space!

  3. Claudia

    The Artworth Brothers workshop was super insightful and would recommend anybody entry level or manager level to join in. They are very switched on when it comes to the social media landscape and display a true love for curating raw and genuine content. I would definitely recommend as an upskill or even a refresher. It was a pleasure to meet the gentlemen and look forward to joining any future workshops!

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