AW Blue Plain Tie

There is nothing as elegant as a plain navy blue tie! It is a must have for every gentleman who desires to live artworthy! The tie was carefully made by hand and with 100% silk. A playful touch is added by the red stitching on the backside of it.

Length: 145 cm

Max width: 8.5 cm

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2 reviews for AW Blue Plain Tie

  1. Adrian

    Hi, do you also have men suit ? Or just ties

    • Artworth Brothers

      Hi Adrian, we plan to sell suits by Autumn 2019.

  2. Fashion Sommelier

    Stunningly regal. This plain blue tie is a piece everyone should have in their wardrobe. Whether you are going out for a formal dinner or are at the office, this tie serves as the perfect piece to pull any look together. You can wear it very traditionally with a charcoal or grey suit, or play it up. I paired this with a red velvet double breasted jacket and it looked beautiful. This is definitely a staple you need in your collection.

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