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London | Artworth at Bucherer

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London | Artworth at Bucherer

London is a city that never fails to impress. With its vibrant culture, rich history, and unmatched fashion scene, it's no surprise that it's a top destination for many travelers. Recently, we visited the city to host our 6th Artworth at Bucherer event, the first one in the United Kingdom.

Exploring London

Our stay started with a good breakfast at White Mulberries at Hay's Galleria. In a city filled with incredible coffee shops and breakfast places, there is a lot to be discovered. White Mulberries has long been a favorite of ours because it obviously serves great coffee but has also an incredible banana bread on the menu.

After getting our coffee fix, it was time for some meetings around town. Driving around with the new Range Rover, we got to see some of the famous sights as well. It is impressive to see how the the City of London is ever evolving.

Luckily, some things don't change. For example the Big Benn and Westminster Abbey. Historical buildings like these never fail to impress us! Which is your favorite sight in London? Send us a message and let us know.

Scarfes Bar at Rosewood London

We decided to stay at the Rosewood Hotel during our trip to London. This luxury hotel is centrally located, in the city's Holborn neighborhood, and is renowned for its Scarfes Bar, which boasts an impressive selection of rare spirits.

Rosewood London Range Rover Artworth

One evening, we headed to the bar, where we met Martin Siska, a talented mixologist who crafted a delicious cocktail with cognac by Rémy Martin. We were thoroughly impressed with his expertise and enjoyed our drinks immensely.

Offering drawing room conviviality and gentleman’s club sophistication, this bar gives true meaning to the phrase ‘get scarfed’. A roaring fireplace and shelves filled with over 1,000 antique books complete the classy atmosphere. We were particularly impressed with the selection of fine and rare spirits available. The perfect time and place to enjoy a glass of Rémy Martin XO and play chess!

Scarfes Bar London Rémy Martin XO Chess Artworth

Artworth at Bucherer

After Paris and Munich, London was the third event we organized outside of Switzerland. As usual, guests had the opportunity to discover rare Bucherer Certified Pre-Owned models by Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Vacheron Constantin, and many more. Centrally located, the Bucherer boutique in Covent Garden was the perfect location to host this event!

We were thrilled with the turnout and enjoyed sharing our knowledge of mechanical watches and men's fashion with the attendees. Fielding & Nichols made sure that the guests got a good idea about the latest seasonal fabrics by Dormeuil. Meanwhile, Rémy Martin treated the attendees to some nice cocktails throughout the evening as well as hosting an exclusive XO tasting.

Our week in London was once more a fantastic experience. We relished exploring the city's fashion scene, trying new coffee shops, and learning more about the city's rich history. Co-hosting the event at Bucherer was undoubtedly the highlight of our trip, and we were delighted to share our passion for Swiss timepieces with fellow enthusiasts.

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