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Rolex | Bucherer to become first Certified Pre-Owned Dealer

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Rolex | Bucherer to become first Certified Pre-Owned Dealer

Bucherer is the first retailer to join the newly launched Rolex Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) program in Europe. But what does that mean for existing Bucherer customers and those who want to buy or sell a pre-owned Rolex? Let's have a closer look!

Rolex Certified Pre-Owned

As you might know, at Artworth we are big fans of the certified pre-owned movement. There is so much beauty and joy in collecting CPO and vintage watches. Having them officially serviced and certified makes this passion an even more enjoyable hobby. Through the newly created certification program by Rolex, the whole CPO space is expected to become more dynamic and attractive.

In the program, all Rolex CPO watches traded at Bucherer will be authenticated by Rolex itself. The models will receive a two-year international Rolex CPO-warranty and dedicated Rolex CPO accessories, such as a Rolex CPO seal and a Rolex CPO pouch. We think that that's a great added value for Bucherer's clientele and a milestone not only for the Swiss family-owned company, but for the watch industry as a whole. We expect other brands to follow soon with a similar program, further strengthening the secondary market for Swiss timepieces.

Bucherer becomes the first official Rolex CPO Dealer

As early as 2019, Bucherer successfully entered the business with pre-owned watches and expanded rapidly - both online and offline. Artworth was present when the first Bucherer Gallery dedicated to CPO timepieces was opened in Geneva. Recently, we returned there to host an Artworth at Bucherer event. You can read the article about this magnificent evening here.

In addition to a steadily growing assortment of carefully curated luxury watches, Bucherer has successively expanded its own network of Certified Pre-Owned sales outlets to around 50 locations worldwide. Artworth had the pleasure to host events in some of these locations. Among them Zurich, Bern, Munich, and Paris.

Today, Bucherer is one of the world's most renowned houses when it comes to selling luxury jewelry and watches. Its strong ties to Rolex and extensive expertise in the CPO market paved the way to become the first retailer to join the newly launched CPO program by Rolex. At Bucherer's point of sale in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France, Denmark and the United Kingdom, the offering will be launched immediately. The launch in the USA is expected to follow soon.

Significant added value for Bucherer's CPO Customers

At Artworth, we think that Rolex' offering creates outstanding added value for Bucherer's clientele. With this cooperation, the two companies are creating the highest degree of security and transparency. Bucherer's customers will enjoy the good feeling of purchasing a watch Rolex itself certified and authenticated. What will the move mean for the broader watch industry? We believe that demand for new models will remain high while the confidence to buy pre-owned watches will further increase. Why? Well, people might buy more watches at a higher value, if they know there is a healthy pre-owned market on which timepieces can be traded with confidence at attractive and fair price points.

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