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IN LAIN Hotel Cadonau | Hideaway in the Swiss Alps

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IN LAIN Hotel Cadonau | Hideaway in the Swiss Alps

An aura of warmth and pleasant fragrance surrounds you when stepping into the IN LAIN Hotel Cadonau. Here, you can throw off the ballast of everyday life and turn to the beauty and purity of alpine nature with all your senses. Are you ready to discover what the smallest 5-star superior hotel in Switzerland has to offer?

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Stepping inside the In Lain Hotel Cadonau

"In Lain" is Romanesque and means "in wood". One immediately feels that this noble material determines the character of the hotel. Around the building, centuries-old pines, larches and fir trees nestle gently into the magnificent mountain world. Inside the hotel, a unique world made of local wood opens up - a pure place of strength and inspiration. The perfect setting to experience warm hospitality and wonderful moments all year round.

Dario Cadonau and his wife Tamara are the caring hosts at IN LAIN Hotel Cadonau. You might also see their two children Jan and Xenia around the place. Always with a smile on their faces and ready to help in the kitchen or the garden on the property.

Since opening in 2010, the family earned a lasting reputation. In just a decade, the IN LAIN Hotel Cadonau rose to become the smallest 5-star superior hotel in Switzerland. Dario is an ambitious hotelier and chef and has received numerous high-ranking awards from jurors from the luxury hotel and gastronomy industry. The hotel is currently ranked 14th in the top 20 winter holiday hotels in Switzerland in the 5-star category.

Chef Dario Cadonau

Dario's path to becoming an independent hotelier began with an apprenticeship as a chef at the 5-star Hotel Suvretta House in St. Moritz. After that, he worked at the cooker of many top chefs. Among them 19-point chef Philippe Rochat in Crissier, Bumann's 18-point gourmet restaurant Chesa Pirani in La Punt and finally in Germany with 19-point chef Harald Wohlfahrt from the Traube Tonbach. He then successfully graduated from the Belvoirpark Hotel Management School in Zurich. After graduating, he is returns to his birth place of Brail in the valley of Engadin. Here, the family starts the ambitious project of turning the over 400 year old house, in which his mother grew up, into a 5-star hotel.

Overall, the hotel is home to three restaurants offering different cuisines. But whether in the gourmet restaurant VIVANDA, which boasts a Michelin star and 17 points in GaultMillau, or in the cosy restaurant Stüvetta or in the rustic cheese dairy: Dario Cadonau always wants to bring the best that the local soil, forests, meadows, and waters has to offer on the table.

Garden Gastronomy by Veuve Clicquot

Flooded with light, the gourmet restaurant VIVANDA offers a magnificent view of the national park and the hotel garden. In this setting, guests can enjoy an exclusive surprise and tasting menu, accompanied by a selection of fine and rare wines. The magic begins as soon as you enter: In the vaulted cellar of the traditional building, the cosy lounge now awaits you for the aperitif. It's a romantic ambience by a crackling fireplace. In summer, you can also enjoy the apéro on the restaurant's sunlit terrace. For the next courses, guests head on to the modern area of the hotel and step inside the newly designed gourmet restaurant VIVANDA.

Dario sources all ingredients from local producers, offering a true alpine experience to guests. The team even produces their own traditional Swiss cheese inside the hotel's own dairy. A spectacle not to be missed!

Inside the traditional building, right opposite the open kitchen, is a wine vault. Here, guests can select their own wine to pair with Dario's dishes. Something we definitely recommend doing. Among the many bottles you will also find some bottles of La Grande Dame by Veuve Clicquot. Dario is one of few global ambassadors of this prestigious champagne maison.

For their Garden Gastronomy experience with La Grande Dame, Dario Cadonau created a Signature Dish based on a seasonal ingredient: the carrot. The dish is composed as follow: carrot steak, carrot cream, carrot tops, carrot mousse, carrot ice cream and malt powder. All components of this dish go wonderfully well with the freshness, silkiness, elegance and minerality of La Grande Dame 2012.


No matter if you have been hiking, mountain biking, skiing or just eating the whole day, wellness is always a good idea! At the IN LAIN Hotel Cadonau, you will find a wonderful outdoor spa area. A floor-to-ceiling glass garden sauna facing the Inn Gorge is certainly one of the highlights. While relaxing, you can take in a breathtaking mountain panorama.

Next to it, a hot tub offers pure relaxation. It is filled with 38 °C warm pine infused water. It is even heated with local wood. An organic swimming pond in the hotel garden let's you finally cool down. In summer at least. The pond is filled with water from the hotel's own natural spring. Heaven on earth.

We also attended the Rosé Together event by Veuve Clicquot at the IN LAIN Hotel Cadonau. Click here to read more.

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