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Land Rover Defender 90 | Updated for a new Era

The Land Rover Defender is one of the most iconic cars out there. Since its introduction in 1983, it has remained true to its core values as an off-road vehicle. With the latest version, the British brand wants to prove that the Defender is equally at home on tarmac and dirt roads. So, what’s our take on the Land Rover Defender 90?

Smooth on the Road

When driving the new Land Rover Defender 90, one notices an undeniable road presence. At almost 2 meters in height and width, we overlook most other vehicles on the road, while sitting in the driver seat. Surprisingly, the car remains maneuverable and doesn’t feel as bulky as one might expect. With its 400hp, it also delights with great power in situations requiring acceleration and speed.

A huge step was taken in terms of driver assistance. The Land Rover Defender 90 now comes with state-of-the-art cruise control, speed limiter, land keep assist and 3D surround camera. A digital instrument panel and a large 11-inch entertainment screen offer easy accessibility to all these features.

Overall, the interior of the Land Rover Defender 90 is a clever mix of utility and discreet luxury. A combination the British brand is well known for. True to its DNA, there’s a tastefully integrated rustic feel to the interior. Exposed bolts are on the doors and metal is visible on both the steering wheel and dashboards. Still, we don’t have to miss modern day luxuries like heated seats, 3D panoramic cameras and a Meridian sound system. All we can ask for as businessmen when driving on the highway or in the city. But what about the explorer inside of us, would he buy it too?

Serious Off-Road Capabilities

While most consumers don’t drive their SUVs off-road, someone in Switzerland or the Scottish Highlands might! And this is where the Land Rover Defender 90 differs from its competition. It can conquer a wide range of terrains, from snowy mountains to deserts and rivers.

The engineers equipped it with all necessary tools to prevail when facing rough terrain. The most important is its electronically controlled suspension. At the push of a button, the ground clearance can be lowered by 40mm, or raised by 75mm to 145mm. This radically transforms the height of the car and allows it to overcome any obstacle. Aided by its 4-wheel drive, it has a variety of driving modes that will support the pilot in challenging situations. One example is the elevated air intake. With it we  don’t have to worry about crossing rivers or cruising through deserts.

Our Take on the new Land Rover Defender 90

For us, the new Land Rover Defender 90 strikes the perfect balance between the iconic Defender look and feel and modern day comfort and safety. The updated infotainment and driver assistance make it comfortable to drive on the road while the off-road capabilities have also been enhanced further. In our opinion, this is the perfect vehicle for someone looking to drive an iconic SUV that comes with modern technology.

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