Carl Friedrik Carrry-On Artworth Land Rover Defender

Carl Friedrik | Travel efficiently in Style

Originating from Sweden, Carl Friedrik decided to re-invent the way of traveling. In pursuit of achieving high quality and a functional design, they developed a wide range of products. Two items particularly caught our attention. Let’s get hands-on!

For Travel…

Have you ever found yourself hurrying to the airport, dragging bulky suitcase behind you that had a missing wheel? Or did you ever stand in line at the check-in, realizing that your phone is almost dead? Carl Friedrik offers a stylish solution for both problems. Their suitcase guarantees a careless travel experience.

Since we often have short overnight stays, we usually only bring a carry-on. Few suitcases are as stylish than the ones by Carl Friedrik. Made from aluminium, they also bear high-quality leather details. Thanks to the Japanese spinner wheels, their carry-on is incredibly easy to manoeuvre. Not only that, but the suitcase also even follows you silently. You won’t be having any directional troubles.

When opening the carry-on, you will find two sets of compression straps and a compression pad, which will keep your things in place. This setup enables you to have clothes that don’t need ironing upon arrival. Another convenient feature is the option to add a battery inside the case. Two USB-A outlets are added to the suitcase like that, and you will be able to charge your electronic devices on the go.

…and for Work!

If you travel for work, Carl Friedrik has your back too. Their leather Palissy Briefcase can be used as a work portfolio in which you can put your laptop and documents. Thanks to the option for a smart holder, this briefcase it the ideal addition to your carry-on.

Made from luxurious Vachetta leather, this briefcase is nearly unmatched in terms of quality. The same leather is used by many luxury brands to craft bags. Guess what, comparable bags are almost never available below USD 1’000. Hence, you are sure to get great value for money. You will keep your goods safe, and you can travel efficiently in style.

Our Take on Carl Friedrik

In short, the set of Carl Friedrik carry-on and briefcase is your assurance for a quality travel experience. Keep your laptop safe and your linen shirts in a good condition. All that while arriving with a fully charged phone.

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