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Jaguar | Experience silent Performance with the I-Pace

In the last few years, the pace toward total electrification has taken over the automotive industry. More traditional car brands have understood that electrified mobility seems to be the future. Now it is Jaguar’s turn to start their transition. Their flagship? The Jaguar I-Pace, a 400 horsepower, silent SUV.

The Jaguar I-Pace is capable of performance…

Their latest iteration of the well known SUV is looking to fend for itself in the SUV- and in the EV market. Its modern design and luxurious interior, featuring two large digital screens, are paired with great performances: 0 to 100km/h in 4.8s, all that in total silence. But passengers should brace themselves because the 696 Nm of torque will be felt in the acceleration. Traction-wise, the all-wheel drive allows the Jaguar to perform well on both a highway and on a mountain pass.

…but in English luxury

Seeing the performance numbers above, one may think that the Jaguar I-Pace is a performance SUV and thus may not be comfortable for long road trips. But here at Artworth, we like to combine performance with comfort, and in that regard, the car has impressed us.

Indeed, Jaguar has stayed true to its reputation, and sitting in the driver’s seat, one can only appreciate the generous leather dashboard, the various screens displaying relevant information and infotainment, and the quality, which can be felt when pushing the START button.

We love how the British quality can be felt in the cabin when driving and handling the interior controls. The driver’s screen can be personalized through buttons on the steering wheel, while the central console may be used by the passenger, through the used of the touch screen.

A promising first step for Jaguar

So, is this high-performance SUV the future of the famous brand? We believe that indeed this car represent the first step toward an electrified future at Jaguar. The innovative team behind the British brand will certainly work hard to make electric cars even lighter to further improve its range and overall performance. For now, we are already more than happy with the current Jaguar I-Pace and love to take it on long trips and exciting drives through in the Swiss mountains.

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