Grand Resort Bad Ragaz

Grand Resort Bad Ragaz | Hotel of the Year 2021

Did you always wanted to immerse yourself in a world of peace and relaxation? We have found the perfect place to do that. Here, surrounded by nature, rest and relaxation are yours for the taking! Join us for a stay at the extraordinary Grand Resort Bad Ragaz and learn how to restore yourself to your greatest strength and vitality. Let’s go!

The Grand Resort Bad Ragaz

As we drive along the majestic Churfirsten and on the newly opened Taminabrücke to Bad Ragaz we know: this experience will be one to remember forever! We check into the King Suite and enjoy a bottle of local blanc de noir from the local winery Adank.

In the suite, elegance, design and tradition go hand in hand. The living quarters are luxurious with many details reminding one of the element that is at the center of the newly renovated Quellenhof: water! The bathroom is fitted with elegant natural stone and features exclusive materials decorated by local artisans. What we love most are the many gadgets to be found in the suite. Especially the designer kicker table that guarantees many memorable moments full of excitement.

Another fun gadget is a vintage-style telescope. With it, the nearby peaks can be searched for hikers and mountaineers. Outside, a large terrace invites us to settle down, enjoy a coffee and take in the breathtaking mountain view, which is truly the icing on the cake!

As for the staff, they pay great attention to the needs of the guests. Because they knew we were watch enthusiasts, the resort’s branch of Huber added a watch winder to our suite. How thoughtful! As we step outside the suite, we marvel at the classy interior design of the Quellenhof. It has the charm of a true Grand hotel while offering all modern amenities needed. Exactly how we like it!

The leading spa hotel

The history of the marvelous Grand Resort Bad Ragaz is closely linked to that of the famous Tamina spring. As early as 1242, local huntsmen discover the spring and from 1350, wooden bath houses rest on beams over the Tamina. In 1840, thermal water is funneled in wooden channels all the way to Ragaz. 18 years later, the first railway reaches the town and 1869, the Quellenhof hotel is opened. After 150 years of rich history, the Grand Hotel celebrates its 150th anniversary in 2019 and emerges from a five-month renovation period completely refurbished for the occasion.

© Grand Resort Bad Ragaz

Today, the resort is one of the most well-renowned spa hotels in Switzerland. The main reason for this being the thermal spa. Here, you can expect breath-taking thermal baths and a holistic wellness offer that is second to none. We love to enjoy an extensive spa package including tailor-made treatments in the complete seclusion and exclusivity of our private spa. For lunch, we even got to order some of their in-house sushi takeout. The best spa snack!

Ever since the mystical thermal spring was discovered in 1242, people have traveled from far and wide to keep body, mind and soul healthy here in the thermal baths. The special mineralisation and temperature of 36.5° Celsius trigger a number of positive reactions within our bodies. In order to experience the positive effects of the mineral water, we take a swim in the historic Helena Spa, dating from the 19th century. Its wonderful design was inspired by the architecture of ancient St. Petersburg.

If you prefer a more contemporary design and experience, then you will be amazed by the Tamina Therme: pure thermal water, rooms flooded with natural light, locally sourced pine and spruce woodwork and plenty of space for relaxation and regeneration. Make sure to visit the Sauna Village as well. Its Nordic kelo houses offer the perfect surroundings for show infusions, ceremonies and rituals.

© Grand Resort Bad Ragaz

The home of outstanding wines

While the offering at the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz will keep guests busy for days, we recommend exploring the surroundings of the resort as well because the nearby Bündner Herrschaft is one of the best Pinot regions in the world. Here, we meet with “Pinot Noir World Champion 2010 & 2011” Martin Donatsch. He and his family own the winery and inn “Winzerstube Zum Ochsen” in Malans with a history dating back over 100 years. For five generations they have lived for wine. Always one step ahead of trends, they have always remained true to the local culture and tradition.

© Nicola Pitaro

Martin’s father did a lot of pioneering work in Swiss viticulture in the early 70s. Inspired by Burgundy, he planted Chardonnay and Pinot Blanc, which at that time was not even permitted by law. He was also the first to press a Crémant using the traditional champagne method and a pioneer in experimenting with barriques in Switzerland. All these innovations undoubtedly required courage, oenological expertise and the exchange of experience with leading winemakers all over the world.

Donatsch’s wines are incredibly popular. Almost 80% of their wine goes to the best Swiss restaurants and hotels. The chefs and sommeliers regularly come to Malans in person to pick up the wine. The family is proud that their wines are represented in almost all the great Swiss gourmet houses, like the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz. Martin Donatsch is convinced that the Bündner Herrschaft is one of the best Pinot regions in the world. His passion belongs to the Pinot Noir and the Chardonnay. But the ancient Malanser variety Completer also fascinates and inspires the young winemaker. According to him, three things are needed for a great wine: excellent grapes, a good wooden barrel and time. Each of their wines is being individually taken care of and hence develops in a unique way, so that we can enjoy characterful wines.

The cellar of the Donatsch Winery has seven smaller but centuries-old vaulted cellars and a bigger one in which the many barriques are stored. These barrels are ideal for maturing the sometimes very small batches that Donatsch produces. All their whites are put in these barrels too. There, they are aged on yeast. This results in white wines as we love them: full-bodied, round and with a lot of character.

While the white wines are already exceptional, the red variations are close to perfection. Without exception, they are matured and stored in Burgundy oak barrels: the classic Pinot Noir called Tradition in used barrels, the Pinot Noir Passion one third in new wood and the rare Unique only in new oak barrels. In recent years, the Unique has become increasingly sought-after by Pinot Noir enthusiasts all around the world with some bottles fetching prices above USD 300 in markets like Hong Kong. If you are a Pinot-lover, make sure to get your hands on some bottles by Donatsch before the prices skyrocket.

The pinnacle of culinary arts

Since the region has a strong wine culture, outstanding chefs have emerged here as well. As a result, the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz has a long-standing tradition of creating and serving world-class cuisine. In their seven restaurants, they offer authenticity, culinary diversity and a great deal of passion with the courage to innovate. In total, their five-star gastronomy received 4 Michelin stars and 76 GaultMillau points. We have the pleasure to share our experience from two of their incredible restaurants with you.

IGNIV by Andreas Caminada

One of the must-visits is the IGNIV. Here, haute cuisine meets the delight of sharing and a homely atmosphere. Celebrity chef Andreas Caminada has created a concept which can be best described as one of a kind fine-dining sharing experience. Our night starts with an exclusive wine tasting with Chef de service Francesco Benvenuto. His expertise is pairing the carefully prepared shared courses with the perfect and mostly local wines. He even got his own special bottling from a Pinot Noir single cask of the local winery Fromm. The result is a complex wine which we can definitely recommend tasting if you happen to dine at one of the IGNIV restaurants.

After this extended tasting, we are ready to dive into a unique dining experience. While being awarded 2 Michelin stars and 18 GaultMillau points, chef de cuisine Silvio Germann creates different sharing dinners comprising up to 30 different dishes. This is relatively unusual for such a highly awarded restaurant. In total we get to taste 23 individual dishes, always served in the middle of the table to be shared. The range of starters amazes us. So many tastes, textures, shapes and forms. Truly outstanding! Between starters and mains we also get three surprise dishes which are accompanied by some rare and complex wines such as the Malanser Completer by Adolf Boner which aged for 7 years in a barrique.

If you are someone who loves tasting menus with wine accompaniment, then you should definitely book a table at the IGNIV!

Verve by Sven

A contrasting dining experience is offered in the newly renovated Quellenhof. Here, guests can enjoy seasonal, authentic, close-to-nature, health and lifestyle cuisine in our restaurant verve by sven. Awarded 14 GaultMillau points, they only serve dishes made with ingredients sourced from sustainable agriculture and fair trade. The philosophy of the cuisine is also reflected in the interior design of the restaurant: natural materials are paired with warm colors. This creates a lively and contemporary atmosphere. We love to enjoy à la carte breakfast here and settle down for an afternoon coffee. Later in the day, alpine-style cocktails and handmade non-alcoholic drinks can be enjoyed at the integrated bar. Cheers!

The gentleman’s retreat

If you are looking for the ultimate gentleman’s experience, then the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz won’t disappoint you. Together with the Artworth Ladies we will show you how to spend a classy evening in Bad Ragaz. First, make sure to suit up properly while enjoying the signature cocktail from the verve bar. For us that means wearing tuxedo. Check out other suit options here!

Next, we are looking for fun, games and excitement. What other place to turn to that the casino? Whether your game of choice is blackjack, roulette or poker, at the Casino Bad Ragaz you will experience stylish entertainment with events and live music. Furthermore, the Golden Wave Bar offers more than 140 varieties of gin. So why not try your luck and celebrate an unforgettable evening while feeling like James Bond?

After a fun time at the casino, we head over to the Salon Davidoff. Here they offer a fine selection of premium whiskeys and exquisite rums from around the world. Of course they also offer an exclusive selection of first-rate cigars. As we settle down in the comfortable leather chairs we know, this is the perfect way to end a classy evening and wrap up our stay!

If you prefer to pursue a more active lifestyle while staying in Bad Ragaz, then make sure to visit the Golf Club Bad Ragaz. They offer a very special golfing experience. Embedded within an impressive mountain panorama and being a member of Leading Golf, they are striving for perfection to make discerning guests feel completely at ease.

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