ECCO | Customized Shoes through 3D printing

Have you ever walked into a shoe store, tried on one pair of shoes and left shortly again as a happy customer? Honestly this has never happened to us until lately, when we discovered QUANT-U, a shoe customization service by ECCO. Let us explain you how you can get customized shoes in only 2 hours!

Customized shoes ready to wear

Customized shoes are awesome because they just fit perfectly. However, they usually come with a big price tag and a long waiting period. The innovative Danish shoe company ECCO has decided to challenge this status quo. With QUANT-U they have introduced an intuitive 3-step process based on real-time analysis, data-driven design and 3D printing directly in the store.

The final product is a custom 3D printed silicone mid-sole. The best things is: you can return home with a perfectly fitting shoe after only two hours instead of waiting weeks like with other similar services. But how does it work exactly? We take you through the process we went through at their store in Zurich!

STEP 1 – 3D Foot Scanning
First, we step on a 3D scanner. In only 30 seconds, it determines the individual foot shape. This data provides information about the correct shoe size and foot curvature for the mid-soles.

STEP 2 – Walking Analysis
Next, we step on a treadmill. But no worries, you don’t have to run for 30 minutes. Here, they only want you to walk for a couple seconds so the portable sensors can map how you are moving.

Now, the combination of the sensor data and the anatomical scan results in a unique digital footprint which is fascinating to look at. So many details get revealed in only a couple of minutes in the store!

STEP 3 Localized 3D Printing
Finally, our individual mid-soles get created with 3D printable silicone. The 3D printer is located directly in the store and we can see how our mid-sole is printed right in front of us.

However, this process took 2 hours in our case so we decided to do some window shopping in the famous Bahnhofstrasse until the soles were ready.

Comfortable yet affordable

Some watch boutiques and one coffee shop later, we are back at the ECCO Flagship store. The mid-soles are ready and it is time to try the shoes on. They instantly feel great! The 3D-printed silicone provides a phenomenal cushioning. It is like a blend of a memory foam with the bounce of a performance training shoe. All that in a sneaker that also looks cool and starts from CHF 259!

What we also love about ECCO is, that they own and control every aspect of the value chain: from tannery and shoe manufacturing to wholesale and retail activities. They distributes their products in over 2,200 ECCO stores and more than 14,000 points of sale in over 90 countries. It is also still a family-run company with a history of 57 years striving to drive innovation in the field of shoe making.

If you want to experience the latest kind of innovation they brought to the industry, then you should visit the ECCO Flagship store in Zurich. Because there, ECCO will be producing the described QUANT-U tailor-made shoes exclusively from June to the end of September 2020. You can schedule an appointment by clicking here.

A shoe out of this world

Back home in Biel/Bienne we visit the headquarters of the iconic watchmaker Omega. Here, they have recently opened the new Omega Museum. With it, they brought a replica of the landing craft NASA used to land the first men on the moon.

That we wear the QUANT-U sneakers for this short excursion is somewhat symbolic. To us, they embody innovation, the desire to embrace new technologies and are also somewhat out of this world. In short, a new way of shoe making that might soon change the way we buy and wear shoes.

Will you be an early adopter, just like us?

For more content about ECCO shoes, click here for information aout their Swiss webshop and here to know more their business shoe line “Vitrus Mondial”.

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