ECCO | Buying a Business Shoe online?

The Danish shoemaker ECCO has recently launched an online shop in Switzerland and we could not be happier about it! Since we are based in the watchmaking town Biel/Bienne and not in a big metropolis like London, Paris, New York or Hong Kong, buying high-quality shoes in trendy designs can be a challenge. Nevertheless, we love our home and will take you on a tour through the historic city center, wearing two shoes of the revolutionary ECCO Vitrus collection. Let’s go!

Watchmaking Capital

Biel/Bienne is a bilingual city. That means, people speak both German and French and this creates a unique way of living. Many people here depend on the watchmaking industry because they work directly for brands like Omega, Rolex and Swatch or for their suppliers.

Personally, we love to live here. The city has a beautiful historic city center and offers a great variety of coffee shops, restaurants and is close to the scenic Lake Biel and the rolling hills of the Jura mountain range.

ECCO – The business shoe that feels like a sneaker

People who follow our blog closely might know that we really like to wear shoes from ECCO’s Vitrus collection. The Danish shoemaker created a series of business shoes in a revolutionary way. While they appear like fine hand-made Italian dress shoes, they feel like a comfortable sneaker. The perfect companion for a long day full of meetings or long walk during a city trip.

For today’s tour through Biel/Bienne we choose two of our favorites from the collection. The first one is the Mondial One-Piece. It seamlessly showcases impeccable craftsmanship, coupled with extraordinary comfort. As the name suggests, it was painstakingly created from a single piece of high-quality leather with minimal stitching. Definitely a must-have for any classy outfit!

On the wrist we showcase a local creation. A vintage Omega Cal. 269 with a simplistic dial and small second compilation. To compliment its vintage appeal, we opt for a suede leather strap with retro stitching.

The second shoe from the Vitrus collection is the Mondial Double Monk Strap. Shaped and created using ultra-rich leather inside and out, the sleek silhouette features a leather outsole, two straps, stylish silver hardware and a stacked heel for a timeless, formal finish. We recommend this model to style-conscious gentlemen who want to add more variety to their wardrobe.

In case you wondered if it makes sense to order a business shoe online, we can totally say: Yes! The shoes from ECCO are true to size plus they offer a comprehensive guide with which you can measure your foot in order to find the right size.

Moving on to the suits. We wear three-pieces that were custom-made from our local tailor Monogramme with fine Italian fabrics. Complimenting the suits are ties from our own collection. Blue Pin Dots and Burgundy Plain for a perfectly formal look!

We hope you enjoyed the impressions from the old town of Biel/Bienne and got some new outfit inspirations!

In case you want to learn more about the ECCO Vitrus collection, we recommend you to read this blogpost about the product launch we attended in Zurich late 2019.

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