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White Turf | Can horses race on a frozen lake?

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White Turf | Can horses race on a frozen lake?

Imagine driving in a Range Rover Sport SVR on a winding road through a snow covered mountainous landscape in Switzerland. Doesn't that sound great? That was only the beginning of an unforgettable weekend attending the White Turf horse race in St. Moritz!

It's Race Day at White Turf!

We check-in at the Grand Hotel Des Bains Kempinski in St. Moritz late night on Saturday. Exhausted from the beautiful but demanding drive through the Alps, we enjoy a delicious dinner at the Grand Hotel. Needless to say that we go straight to bed after that. After all, a long and eventful Sunday is awaiting us!

The race day starts with a rich Swiss breakfast, a strong espresso and the selection of today's watch. We decide to wear a beautiful timepiece from Longines' Record Collection. We love the white dial with the beautiful blue hands.

Prepared for a long day out in the snow we leave the Grand Hotel for the frozen lake. That's right, the horse race White Turf takes place on the frozen lake St. Moritz! A phenomenal venue that we reach by riding in a horse carriage. Can it get any classier?

Arrived at the races, we grab a glass of champagne and get familiar with the horses and jockeys. Full of confident we start to place some bets and... lose!

It's not our lucky day in terms of gambling but that doesn't matter. A beautiful day out in the nature with the brothers is meant to be enjoyed. What else could we wish for? Well yes, a tasty lunch!

The tables at the Longines lounge are set. We enjoy local delicacies while having interesting conversations about watches, horse racing and the beauty of Switzerland's alps.

Unwinding in the Swiss Mountains

After more exciting races in the afternoon we transfer back to the Grand Hotel Des Bains Kempinski to warm up and get ready for dinner. What better way to do that then relaxing at the spa?

Finally we are ready for dinner, which takes place at the Bellavista Hunting Lodge. It is a beautiful place in a typical Swiss style with an excellent cuisine.

The next morning we drink a strong espresso, grab the latest issue of the New York Times and start our journey back home to Biel / Bienne. Thanks St. Moritz for an unforgettable weekend!

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