Whisky Series | Laphroaig Brodir, a true Artworth Brodir!


Coming home, turning on some Jazz Music and enjoy a rich and balanced single malt. One of the best feelings you can get after a busy day at the office. It is always a hard choice at our Whisky Bar to take the one matching the mood of the day.


Brodir means Brother in Scotland. This is why we thought, that this whisky would match us perfectly.


This whisky is our absolute favorite. The Islay distillers first matured the whisky in ex-bourbon barrels before transferring it over to casks which previous held Ruby Port. The combination of Laphroaig’s classic coastal peaty taste with the elegance of the Ruby Port finish make Brodir to an whisky experience indeed.

Rich smoke and a fresh honey finish is the perfect combo for tonight!


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